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The best iPhone and Android games



The best iPhone and Android games

Less than a decade ago, the very idea of mobile gaming made both techies and gamers cringe. However, mobile gaming is alive, well, and massive these days. And, as smartphones become more powerful, we get more than just connect-3 games, but also decent shooters, adventures, platformers, and strategies.

Here are the best mobile games to install right now:

  • Action / shooters / PvP games
  • MOBA and Strategy games
  • Adventure games

Best action and shooter for iPhone and Android

Apex Legends Mobile

If you’re looking for a good shooter for your phone or tablet, we think Apex Mobile is the absolute best right now. The quality (if you have a powerful phone) is extremely close to that of consoles, and the controls feel just as smooth and satisfying — something that developer Respawn appears to be very good at fine-tuning.

Apex Mobile also supports your Xbox or Playstation controllers right away, giving you a console-grade experience on a small screen.

Call of Duty: Mobile

This one is self-explanatory: Call of Duty is such a massive franchise that when the Mobile spinoff was released, millions of people immediately downloaded it. We do think its controls could be improved, as they don’t feel as smooth and accurate as Apexes. However, it does support your console controller right out of the box.

Lost Light

Escape From Tarkov for mobile, but in third person — the game is open about its influences, from the Factory map to seasonal wipes. Of course, it’s a bit simplified because it’s a mobile game — at the very least, you have a working map that shows you where your extractions are.

However, don’t dismiss it too quickly. The game does include many of the complex systems that Tarkov challenges hardcore players with, such as bleeding and fractures, various vendors and a player-driven black market, scavenging for rare supplies, and building your hideout from scratch.

So, expect a fairly lengthy introduction tutorial period spread across a few level playthroughs before you can hope to join PvP.

Lost Light doesn’t support controllers on mobile, but it’s available for PC and Nvidia Now, where you can use alternative controls.


Another third-person shooter inspired by Tarkov. This one, on the other hand, simplifies gaming mechanics significantly more. So, if you’re looking for a bit of that Tarkov buzz but with a distinct “mobile game” feel and no plethora of punishing mechanics, this one is for you.

Best MOBA and Strategy games for iPhone and Android

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends was the king of the MOBA scene on PC (note: DOTA 2 is awesome), so its mobile port was obviously a hit. It’s the go-to MOBA because it’s been in development for years and is full of fleshed-out and balanced characters and items.


Overdox is a hybrid of a battle royale and a MOBA with RPG elements. Furthermore, it is a melee weapon only. So you have to be the last man standing and dispatch your enemies by swinging large blades, hammers, flails, and whatever else you can think of. On top of that, there’s a nice coat of futuristic anime-like aesthetic.

Door Kickers

Top-down action squad manager game. It’s a single-player, offline game with a ton of missions and a random mission generator once you’ve completed everything else.

Best Adventure games for iPhone and Android

Brothers: A Tale of Two sons

A story-driven adventure game that is beautiful, heartwarming, and then heartbreaking. The gameplay concept is straightforward: you play as two brothers on an adventure to save their father, using the twin-stick format. It’s all about using their distinct abilities and builds to overcome various puzzles and challenges. And, of course, immersing themselves in the fantasy world in which they live.

Sky: Children of the Light

This is a one-of-a-kind social adventure game with no real stakes or battles. It’s about embarking on a journey and sharing this beautiful, peaceful fantasy world with other online players. It’s one of the few “peaceful games” that has made it into the mainstream thanks to a couple of streamers. All we can say is that it’s fantastic to put on a pair of headphones and relax with this one.

Monument Valley

This is a surreal puzzle game in which you must manipulate the paradoxical architecture around you in order to progress. It’s yet another lovely, peaceful experience that everyone who’s tried it adores.

The Silent Age

This is a puzzle adventure game that uses a time-travel gimmick to alternate between a stylized 1970s world and an unknown future timeline when humanity has become extinct. It’s an atmospheric, peaceful, and slightly depressing adventure game that we liked because of its art style, story delivery, and relaxed gameplay.


Bitcoin has dropped to a three-month low, putting other cryptocurrencies under pressure




Bitcoin has dropped to a three-month low, putting other cryptocurrencies under pressure

Bitcoin, the largest digital asset by market value, fell to $18,256 on the Bitfinex trading platform on Monday morning. This is the lowest level in about three months. The market value of all 21,000 internet currencies fell to around 900 billion US dollars.

Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency by market value, also fell significantly. For the first time in two months, an ether cost less than $1,300. The digital value, which is considered to be particularly innovative, has not yet been able to fulfill the hopes that were placed on it in view of a long-awaited technical innovation. This innovation (“The Merge”) promises significantly higher efficiency and significantly less energy consumption than when using the previous technology.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have recently corrected significantly. Trade cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum with leverage at Germany’s No. 1 CFD provider and participate in rising and falling prices.

The price losses of Bitcoin and its ilk occur at the beginning of a week with numerous central bank meetings. Above all, the US Federal Reserve will decide on its monetary policy course on Wednesday. In view of the very high inflation, a further sharp rise in interest rates is expected. Rising interest rates are generally seen as a drag on risky assets, which include cryptocurrencies.

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A new Trailer of Sonic Frontiers TGS 2022




A new Sonic Frontiers trailer has arrived, courtesy of the Tokyo Game Show. SEGA’s mascot delves deeper into the new title’s open zone environments with new gameplay and cinematic clips, culminating in the revelation that, yes, you can go Super Sonic.

That is, once you have all of the chaos emeralds. As usual, you’ll need to collect all seven of the colored gems in order to activate Sonic’s supercharged form, and the adventure appears to culminate in a massive boss battle. We suppose this is par for the course with Sonic games.

Anyway, the game will be released on November 8th for PS5 and PS4. Are you pumped? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

See the trailer here-

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In a new advertisement, Apple highlights the iPhone 14 Pro’s car crash detection feature 




In a new advertisement, Apple highlights the iPhone 14 Pro's car crash detection feature 

iPhone 14 Pro comes with Crash Detection, a vital new safety feature that can detect a severe car crash and automatically call for help, even when you can’t,” says Apple, in the video’s description. “Add this to the new 48MP Pro camera and a totally reimagined display, and iPhone 14 Pro redefines what a smartphone can do. Again.”

Apple claims that iPhone 14 Pro versions may detect a severe automobile crash and automatically summon emergency services if a user is unresponsive after a 10-second countdown using a new dual-core accelerometer, barometer, and other sensors. Apple says the feature relies on “advanced Apple-designed motion algorithms trained with over a million hours of real-world driving and crash record data” for increased accuracy.

The crash detection capability is also available on the new Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch SE devices from the second generation.

See the video here-

The Dynamic Island, which is exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models, replaces the standard notch featured on iPhone 13 models. The pill-shaped cutout morphs into numerous shapes and sizes with the help of software for things like incoming phone calls, alarms, notifications, Face ID verification, timers, turn-by-turn navigation, Live Activities, and more.

On iPhone 14 Pro versions with an always-on display, the clock, widgets, and Live Activities are always visible at a glance. Outside, the display boasts a peak brightness of up to 2,000 nits, which is up to twice as bright as the iPhone 13 Pro display.

Pre-orders for iPhone 14 Pro versions began earlier today, with a September 16 release date.

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