1. Maitreyi  (Devi) landing her breakout role was a happy accident! she explained that her friend had sent her the Tweet Mindy Kaling posted calling for roles, and the two of them filmed self-tape auditions just for fun!

2. Ramona Young (who plays Eleanor) had to serve nearly two months of detention in IRL high school

3. Lee Rodriguez ( Fabiola) also had to serve detention! It turns out Ramona and Lee aren’t anything like the live-by-the-law characters they play on screen!

4. Maitreyi had a real-life high school rival! Just like Devi butts heads with Ben, Maitreyi had her own academic nemesis too.

5. Maitreyi, Ramona, and Lee all spent hours learning their TikTok dance

6. When she was younger, Maitreyi had a huge crush on Harry Potter! While playing a fun game with her cast mates, she reveled.

7. At one point, Paxton’s name was changed! Darren Barnett‘s ability to speak Japanese was a huge game changer. When she him speak the language, she immediately changed his name from Paxton Hall to Paxton Hall-Yoshida.

8. Darren and Jaren Lewison (who plays Ben) both thought they were auditioning for the same role! It wasn’t until a screen test that they realized they were playing two very different roles.

9. The entire cast clicked right away! Darren and Jaren weren't the only ones that developed a very unique friendship. During the same interview, the two reflected on the first time the group went bowling together to get to know each other, and even revealed that on the final day of filming, all of the kids dressed up as the Scooby Doo gang for Halloween Horror Nights!

Darren led his high school lacrosse team as captain! Paxton isn't the only one that is athletic around here. Darren claims that he was easy able to relate to his character since, until they got to know him on a more intimate level, people thought of him as simply another jock at school.

11. Jaren relates to Ben’s academic goals! He sees a lot of himself in his character, especially when it comes to all things school.