10 things to know about Sonali Phogat

Sonali Phogat was born in a farmer’s family in Hisar, Haryana

Her parents married her off after she completed 10th grade.

Phogat appeared on the silver screen in a TV serial.  she also appear in Bigg boss 

 in December 2016 Her husband succumbed to mysterious circumstances. She is the mother of Yashodhara Phogat.

 in Bigg boss, Her argument with Dilaik earned Phogat flak on social media.

A controversy in June 2020 drew everyone’s attention to her. Sonali Phogat was seen hitting Balsamand market secretary Sultan Singh with a slipper.

Sonali Phogat heads BJP’s Mahila Morcha, Haryana. She is the vice president of this unit

Her last filmy appearence was in a web series called The Story Of Badmashgarh (2019).

Today morning in  goa Sonali dies from a cardiac arrest